Powder Blue Madness

Squaready20140702202343 Squaready20140702202306

So I got this lovely luggage and top from a friend of mine who had a death in the family… so something good came from something so sad… On a lighter note I got inspired to play with the blues with these shorts and this is what I came up with. I got shoe lazy again unfortunately .I’m trying to do better with my shoe selection however I’m always moving I tend to look cute outfit wise and be comfortable shoe wise.

Top and Luggage: Both from my great friend David Shorts: Thrift store Jewelry: Thrift Store Flip Flops: (in case you were wondering) Old Navy $3.50


Sunday Fun Day

Squaready20140630225716 Squaready20140630225804 I can describe this day in 3 words 1. Hot 2. BET award show and  3.Gathering at Friends place that all happened and  because it did I got to wear this Kimono type shaw thing I found at a church rummage sale I was driving by.

Shaw: Thrifted $3 Purse: $1 Shorts: Calvin Klein Thrifted  Tank: Forever21 $5.80

Missed Me…

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I’m BACK! and I know you all missed me. April-June has been hectic but I’ve decided to tone things down and use a more settle approach to this project so get ready and stay tuned! If you have been keeping up with me via Instagram and Twitter than you haven’t missed a thing however welcome back lets get this party rolling :)




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