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Nothing like cruising around this lovely 60 degree weather than a cool hoodie. Thanks to my brother for cleaning out his closet I was able to snag this from him and it makes a perfect oversized run around hoodie. I added a little spice to it in order to wear it to a friends fight party so I could remain comfortable and still be stylish, check me out :)


Hoodie: Footlocker  Leggings: Target Shoes: Footlocker Hat: Footlocker Purse: Thift Store ( most of these things I’m wearing are pretty old and I don’t remember the prices )


Summer Wrap Up!

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 5.25.04 PM

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Hi! I’m still alive.Summer slipped right by me and my Mac book decided to give up on me, so I had to get some parts replaced and it turns out that my entire hard drive got wiped out so what I present to you today is just some pics of out fit post from my Instagram. We are entering fall season in Chicago and if you know me you its one of my favorite seasons EVER!.stay tuned and don’t lose faith in me :)





Powder Blue Madness

Squaready20140702202343 Squaready20140702202306

So I got this lovely luggage and top from a friend of mine who had a death in the family… so something good came from something so sad… On a lighter note I got inspired to play with the blues with these shorts and this is what I came up with. I got shoe lazy again unfortunately .I’m trying to do better with my shoe selection however I’m always moving I tend to look cute outfit wise and be comfortable shoe wise.

Top and Luggage: Both from my great friend David Shorts: Thrift store Jewelry: Thrift Store Flip Flops: (in case you were wondering) Old Navy $3.50


Sunday Fun Day

Squaready20140630225716 Squaready20140630225804 I can describe this day in 3 words 1. Hot 2. BET award show and  3.Gathering at Friends place that all happened and  because it did I got to wear this Kimono type shaw thing I found at a church rummage sale I was driving by.

Shaw: Thrifted $3 Purse: $1 Shorts: Calvin Klein Thrifted  Tank: Forever21 $5.80

Missed Me…

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I’m BACK! and I know you all missed me. April-June has been hectic but I’ve decided to tone things down and use a more settle approach to this project so get ready and stay tuned! If you have been keeping up with me via Instagram and Twitter than you haven’t missed a thing however welcome back lets get this party rolling :)




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